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How Often to Delete Cookies, Temporary Internet files, and Browsing History

Browser cookies. They are small files automatically save on computer whenever a website is opened. Those files were sent by a web browser to store information to be used for authentication, storing site preferences, or track your web usage. When a browser is opened it will store information containing all the choices and changes you made so the website can easily access them.

Temporary Internet Files. Whenever a web page is opened it will save copies of the URL, media, and images on your computer. Those files are being used to speed up the process of loading the page, whenever you visit the same website.
Browsing History. Those are the list of the websites you have visited. Browser saves all the websites, so the next time you will enter it in your browser; it will suggest the sites that you previously to opened.

How often to delete browsing history

These browser history and cookies are not harmful for your computer at all. In fact, they is useful for your browsing habit to easily access the website. They store anonymous information for the user to get a better experience in visiting the same website again, leaving their last modification and changes as well. Deleting cookies and history will no longer suggest contents for the website and it will take time to open media files and images when you open it again. However, if you are already running out of space in your hard drive, it is necessary to delete all temporary files including your browser history.

Deleting temporary files and browsing history may be included in your scheduled maintenance task.  It depends on how you frequently use your computer. Some users do maintenance task once in every month, and that includes browsing history.
Using Disk Cleanup utility can be used in deleting browsing history including other temporary files. Other method in deleting browsing history is by using the browser itself. Whatever browser you are using there are options to delete all cookies, browsing history, and temporary files.

How to delete cookies and browsing history
Intenet Explorer.  Just go to Tools, Internet Options, and then under Browsing history, click Delete…

Google Chrome. Click on the tools icon,   click Options, and then click Clear browsing data.

Mozilla Firefox. Click on Tools, then Options, and then click on Privacy. You will see the option to clear your recent history, or remove individual cookies.


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