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Get Rid of Those Unwanted Internet Explorer Toolbars

A toolbar, collection of buttons that enable users to perform various tasks is usually located at the top of an application. Most applications, such as Internet Explorer and Microsoft Word, come with built-in toolbars that you can display to assist you in the applications use. A common complaint of these toolbars is the limited functions they provide the user, especially in Internet Explorer. To resolve this problem, programmers have developed toolbars designed to enhance an applications performance, you can install third-party add-on toolbars to your Internet Explorer, some of the most popular toolbars that you can choose from are Google toolbar, Windows Live toolbar, and Yahoo toolbar.

These toolbars are packed with features and you may find one or more of the features of a particular toolbar inspiring enough to install the toolbar on your browser.

Some of the features you can find on toolbars for Internet Explorer are:

  • Include a search option, which enables you to perform one-click online searches.
  • Enable you to block troublesome pop-ups from displaying on your desktop.
  • Add shortcuts to common tools that you use frequently while on the Internet.
  • Enable you to create global bookmarks that you can access from any PC that is connected to the Internet.

How to Remove a Toolbars from Internet Explorer

Although, we may install a toolbar that we feel helpful, there may be times we want to uninstall a tool bar as well. When you set-up software that you download from the internet, some companies may install their toolbars on your browser without us noticing it. Having too many toolbars affects your Internet browsing speed and can clutter the Internet Explorer window.

Many toolbars, such as the Mirar toolbar, are actually spyware and designed to track your Web browsing and PC activity. They then trade the collection of information with their affiliate websites for advertising purposes. These toolbars also display adware on your system without your consent and considerably slow down your PC.

To uninstall add-on toolbars from your Internet Explorer, perform the following steps:

  • Exit all Internet Explorer windows.
  • Open the Start menu, and select Control Panel.
  • Select the Add or Remove Programs (Win XP) or Uninstall a Program (Vista/7) link.
  • In the Add or Remove Programs window, scroll down the currently installed programs list and select the toolbar that you want to remove.
  • Now, select the Remove button to start the un-installation process.
  • After the un-install is complete, restart your Internet Explorer to confirm that the selected toolbar has been removed.

You should follow up these steps with a registry cleanup to ensure complete un-install.

If you would like more help in virus removal or spyware removal contact one of our friendly PC Experts.


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